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The ONLY Video Lightpainting App - Night Photography, Light Trails, and Long Exposure Photos Made Easy


PABLO is a mobile photographer's dream! With PABLO's patented "live view" camera, you'll create light trails, light graffiti, lightpainting and night photography at the touch of a button. For FREE. 

But it's not just photography. PABLO is the only app on the market that allows you to create lightpainting video! And if you want to go farther, just upgrade to PABLO Pro as an in-app purchase to get a whole suite of advanced professional lightpainting features.



Want to take your night photography to the next level? PABLO Pro is for you. Available as an in-app purchase for 2.99, PABLO Pro was created by lightpainting freaks for lightpainting freaks, PABLO Pro is custom designed for long exposure videos, night photography and light graffiti, with additional features, like: 

  • HIGH RES EXPORTS - Export your creations at 1080 x 720 resolution
  • SETTINGS LOCK - PABLO Pro will remember your settings between captures
  • PAUSE EXPOSURE - Pause your exposure to seamlessly add new lights and settings. Insane!
  • CLEAR FRAME - Wipe the whole frame mid-exposure to add new compositions to the same video.
  • TRIM VIDEO - Crop your video to showcase only the best parts.
  • FLIP - Invert your light writings. No more writing backwards!
  • ROTATE - Rotate your finished product.
  • FADING TRAILS - Light trails will fade, so your image won't blow out!
  • DELAYED START - Give yourself time to get in front of the camera.
  • MIRRORED EXPOSURES - Mirror your frame to create kaleidoscopic lightpainting.
  • BACKGROUND SELECTION - Select or captire a photo and add lightpainting to it.