Get Faded: Fading Trails With PABLO Pro Are 🔥🔥🔥

There's a lot to love about PABLO Pro. We love its ability to export high res lightpaintings, and we still haven't quite grasped the full potential of the INSANE "pause" feature.

But that's a blog post for a different time. Today we're talking about the "fade" feature.

To help illustrate, check out these dazzling creations by user @Ali_Son_Grant. She's a fantastic light painter and photographer and her work with the "fade" features really shines.

The original idea for "fade" was to avoid images blowing out from too much light. Allowing a video lightpainting to grow and shift and progress into new shapes, never overlapping or distracting. And Alison figured out that this is best accomplished in a dark room, with a single moving light source.


As with most great things, it's simplicity is the big draw here, and we can't wait to see more. So get PABLO Pro, hit the "fade" button in your settings, and show us how faded you can get.