Lightpainting Comes Alive: Before PABLO vs. After PABLO.

Lightpainting is like baseball. It's difficult to explain without actually showing someone what it is. "Wait, so you wave a light around and it leaves trails? That's crazy? How come you don't show up?" is a pretty typical response. Until you show someone an image, and the response is usually something like "ohhhhhhhhh" or "I still don't get it"

Which is why we love using video to illustrate the lightpainting process. PABLO is the only app to create real-time lightpainting video, and this video is the best example of that process.

User Dolan Mbengi did a simple split screen. The left shows what life looks like in "the real world". The right shows what life looks like through the eyes of PABLO.

Pretty cool right? If anyone ever has any questions about lightpainting, now you know where to send them!