Traffic On The Westside: Night Photography In Motion With PABLO

Out here in NYC, winter still hasn't let us go, but that won't stop us from hitting the streets! So we met up with our buddy Om Malik (check out his travel photos here) and his friend Rose on The Highline in Manhattan and grabbed some insane long exposures with PABLO Pro.

There's a great spot overlooking 10th avenue that is a long exposure dream. Through a huge window, you can watch the nighttime traffic blaze by, and if you have a tripod and a camera, there's no better spot to capture NYC traffic in motion.

So that's what we did. In addition to some standard traffic long exposures, we also used the "mirror" feature in PABLO Pro to get some really crazy effects. We even used the "pause" function for when there was no traffic, making it easy to pick and choose which light trails we wanted to fill the frame with. Enjoy!