PABLO Traffic GIFs Are The Best GIFs

If you've ever checked our twitter or our instagram, you've probably seen a couple of traffic long exposures that were created with PABLO.

Why do we love these kind of long exposures so much? Let's count the ways.

  1. They're classic. For most of us, the first long exposure we experienced was a "traffic" shot, the tail lights and headlights, stretched into infinity, begging the question "how the heck did they do this with a camera?"
  2. They're oddly soothing. The city lights, the slow progression of the headlights as they travel down the same path, and the cool darkness are all just relaxing. Add in some ambient city noise, and we'd probably watch for 10 hours, like those sweet videos of frozen seas.
  3. They're great for beginners. Everyone has access to traffic. For a first timer doing a PABLO long exposure, there's no better way to illustrate what this app can do.

So we hope enjoy this little collection of traffic long exposure GIFs, and we can't wait to see yours. Get PABLO and start making magic now.


giphy (14).gif
traffic long exposure created with PABLO the video lightpainting app