PABLO is The Perfect App For Fireworks Photos and Videos!

We're posting this around the Fourth of July, but this post isn't JUST for our U.S. users, because everyone loves fireworks, and everyone needs a better way to capture them!

Long exposure photos have always been a great way to capture fireworks, but PABLO takes that concept to a whole new level by adding VIDEO.  And as we always mention, PABLO is free, and DSLR cameras are definitely not free. Far from it in fact.

To get started all you need to do is download the PABLO App for iOS or Android. If you already have the Standard version, then we recommend you upgrade to PABLO Pro, so you can do insane things like mirrored exposures, which look GREAT when paired with a nice fireworks display. Like this!

(sorry about the vertical video, we got too excited)

So this Fourth of July (and any other time you happen to be "ooh-ing and "ahhh-ing" at fireworks) be safe, have fun and don't forget to bring PABLO with you!