Q: Where are my photos?

A: If you’re not seeing your photos, just click the profile button in the bottom navigation. You should see them on the profile page. If you haven’t created any paintings yet, just go ahead to the camera screen and you’ll also be able to upload to Pablo, post to Facebook, and save them to your camera roll.

Q: Why are my photos so blurry?

A: Pablo is a long exposure app. Meaning that unlike a normal camera where the shutter opens and closes in a split second, the shutter here stays open so you can paint with light.

Q: That’s great, but how do I paint with light?

A: There are many ways. One way is to start the exposure, tap to focus on a light, and move your phone around. After you’ve swooped it around a few times, stop the exposure and you’ll see some crazy light swirls! Or, you can prop your camera up on something (or use a tripod) for a super crisp image. Once your camera is stable, start the exposure, grab a light (and LED light, a flashlight, or have a friend download Pablo and use the lights in the app) and “paint” in front of the camera. If the camera is stable, your surroundings will be in focus, while your lights will leave amazing trails.

Q: How do I use the “lights” in the app?

A: Ok, so two people will need the app. One person holds the “camera” (or you can prop it up on something or use a tripod attachment) while the other person uses the “lights” in their app. One person paints, one person shoots!

Q: My lights are looking a little out of focus, and my camera has trouble finding focus.

A: No problem, just find the light you want to focus on, tap the screen, and the app will focus on that light. Then, start your exposure. It will stay focused where you told it to focus.

Q: I have more questions, but they are not answered here.

A: No problem. If you have more questions, just email us directly at hi@hipablo.com or contact us on twitter at @pablolightpaint
We’ll be happy to help you out.